I moved from love to hate. Just about Feedburner. I spent years admonishing my children not to hate. There are other things but there is little to actually hate in this world. Hating says so much about you and so little about what you are aiming it at. Right? Think about…think of anything that people hate. Now think about what they actually hate. See, it the note the hatee it’s the hater.

And hating an inanimate object is futile. Hating a software program is worse. And hating a Google owned facility is worse. Because they don’t care. If they did care, as in the case of Feedburner they would have a Contact option for use just before you endorse the H word.

We could consider them altruistic. But I am not going to. You can.

Ok so let’s get to it…

 burn burner burn!

Here are the main 3 reasons you love to hate Feedburner.

1. It worked fine then it stopped.

2. I t didn’t tell you it stopped.

3. It refused to allow you to do the instructions it asked you to follow.

This was my experience. Then I was amazed at how many people had similar problems. I walked away and thought and thought.  Advice to create a new feed finally became the only option, that I could see. ALL else having failed I thought OK, so this morning I did just that. I made a new feed. Whoa it worked it all looked good. I Googled to see if I could transfer the old feed subscribers over but nooooo that would be a) to easy and b) to helpful.  I had my Team Writer Kylie,in Manchester who was awake on a night shift with nothing good ‘on the telly’ test the subscriber widget for me.

and it worked.  Yayy. But hang on…no subscriber showed up on the new feed list. Hmm curious I looked at the old list and there she is…so it seems I now have 2, yes TWO feed into Feedburner and one does half the work and the other does the other half. But last I did math 2 halved make a whole. yes? 1/2+1/2=1

It better!!!!!


If you are not a subscriber yet please test this out for me, top right….

Also PLEASE send me a Tweet if/when you get this in an

email, and if the subscriber worked for you.

Hark! Is that a light at the end of the tunnel?

Please go visit this fabulous blog where I found this great photo. It really shows how I feel.