Does Dr Sheldon Cooper believe in Santa? He might as apparently believes in Superheroes.

Sheldon’s letter to Santa might include requests for the following:
1 His very own Large Hadron Collider to be known as The Cooper Collider (supersized)
2 Request for adoption by Leonard’s mother, Dr. Beverly Hofstadter played by Christine Baranski

4. The Nobel Prize in Physics
5  A Publishing contract for his book ‘Roommate Rules’ complete with a printable Pdf
6. A looped App of his mother singing ‘Soft Kitty’
7 A cameo role ( as himself) in the next Star Trek movie
8 A Starring Role in the next Star Trek movie.

9. A permanently Reserved table at The Cheesecake Factory

What might be the 10th?

Meet Sheldon and Leonard, as they get to know Penny, or as she gets to know them

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Great Quotes from Sheldon:

Sheldon: I am not crazy, my mother had me tested.

Leonard Hofstadter: [wants Sheldon to leave because he has a date] Nevertheless I have one now, and I’d appreciate it if you’d, you know, make yourself scarce.
Sheldon Cooper: Leonard, I am a published theoretical physicist with two doctorates and an IQ which can’t be accurately be measured by normal tests. How much scarcer could I be?
thanks to CBS for a great show
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