This is my 5th year of participation in Marg and Kailana’s


I am very impressed that Marg has been saving Christmas themed book passages all year. She posts one each day of the Calendar.

For my turn on the Advent blog Calendar I am going to share with you…

The 12 Days of Christmas: by Santa’s helper

In years gone by my teens decided to do this. Some people who were on the receiving end of all this fun by my them, still do not know who the gifts came from.
There were some hilarious nights of very close calls: jumping into bushes, scaling electric gates etc.

You will need to start on the 13th.


On the 1st day of Christmas

I’ve often heard it said

it’ nice to give someone you love

a loaf of homemade bread…

After you have decided the person of family you are going to do this for, you need to buy a loaf of bread (bagged, or bag/wrap it for hygiene purposes) and when it is dark drive/walk to the person’s home. Do NOT park out the front. The idea is to sneak quietly up to their door and leave the bread without being seen. If you think you can ring/knock and still get away without being caught, do that.

Day 2 tomorrow!

until then read more contributions.