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Audrey shares ‘black and white beauty’

Hello Ladies, I have been forced to retreat to my bed with a ghastly summer cold.  Surrounded by lotions and potions, kleenex, chicken soup etc I gave up trying to read and have been watching old movies. These beautiful women are some of the actresses that have crossed my silver screen. They are stunning…what looks, what talent. Greta Garbo Lauren Bacall Ingrid Bergman Vivian Leigh Katherine Hepburn this post is from Audrey Meet Audrey Here is another post from...

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Patty shares ‘With this ring…..’

My husband’s wedding ring was too tight. After ten years of marriage, I had it enlarged with an extra piece to accommodate his growing weight. I don’t know who was more dismayed, but as the years rolled by his weight ballooned to heart attack country. I cooked less. He ate even more. I found empty take-away bags in his car, and glared at him. He still ate more. Eventually, he was diagnosed with early onset diabetes – no big surprise there. After 23 years of marriage, the penny finally dropped with him. It was lose weight, or learn to...

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