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Debbie writes for us ‘Destination: into the Worm Hole’

Five years ago I wanted to write a novel wherein a strong, contemporary woman saves a woman born centuries before her, by bringing her from the past to our time by means of a wormhole.  I wanted to do this for several reasons.  First because I had just read a novel in which the Virgin Mary, slips into the life of an ordinary, (non-Catholic) woman writer, to rest and to “get away” from the pressing demands of being the Virgin Mary.  That gave me the idea of “disappearing” into another life, into another time. Second of all, I had...

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what if i text your ex a lot

help with essay writing   when does your gf want you back the best things you can say to your ex girlfriend i need to get over my ex gf I miss my ex boyfriend Should text him how to get a girl back when she with someone else Kylie writes from Manchester England: This week saw us all take a long hard look at our nation, and it’s safe to say, that we have learned a hard reality. There is a large body of people who if given the opportunity, will indulge in illegal, unsociable and dangerous behaviour....

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Sabrina cooks with Jamie Oliver

My admiration of Jamie Oliver led me to buy one of his latest books, ‘Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals’. As a busy mother of three young children it is important to me to have meals that I can cook quickly. But as a passionate home cook I also like to have meals that fulfil my passion of cooking (and my husband’s love of eating) gourmet food. We have all enjoyed the flavours and each have our favourites – even the children! Some of the recipes have a lot of chilli or other ingredients that the children do not like, but...

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