There is no light quite like that which you get in Autumn. Maybe it’s the fiery colours of the leaves that contribute, or the sparkling glitter of the first frost making everything around it glow. Whatever it is, there is something magical about the light we get in the Autumn.

Whenever anyone asks me what my favourite season is, I have to say Autumn. There is no contest. I love the new life of Spring, the warmth that Summer brings and the crisp, cold days of Winter. Autumn, however, is in a league of its own.


I love to spend my early Autumn mornings wandering around deserted parks, gardens – even the cemetery is teeming with wonderful life if you only stop to look.

I can’t really describe the light adequately enough to do it justice. It is a golden, warm, ethereal glow that enhances the natural beauty all around it. It is a light that is only found during the Autumn.

In Winter, the light is paler and cooler. In Spring, it is a yellow-green light that shines with new life and fresh growth after the Winter months. In Summer, the light is harsher – still lovely, but without the depth that the Autumn sun brings with it.

There is nothing like the Autumn light – I relish it.

© All Text and Photographs. Hannah Rachel Potter 2011

John Keats ‘To Autumn’ (Hannah’s Autumn evoked this for me, so I have taken the liberty of adding the link:Jane)

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