Cheerfulness 101: My version.  This picture is from is from Pinterest. To me it is cheerful. Why? Because it has blue in it. I love Blue. I love Blue anything…and blue and white is serene to me. I kind of sigh and relax when I come across an image or vista in blue and white. Just ♥ it. 


I love the below image. I do not own it, I came across it on Pinterest (see source) for me it is so far the most evocative image I have come across for ‘The Avalon Journal’ a series ( ok I gave up saying trilogy) of Books I am writing. Please visit the Blog of the Books which I created. The writing of this work is a R2BC for me. Also The Gates.

s o u r c e

I had a series of baseline medical tests and the results were amazing. The best I have ever had. The decision to decrease sugar intake has been a large part of this. Read my progress.

and I have been weekend cooking.  One of my dinner guests came with these…no here is a reason to be cheerful. Flowers without being sick.

Also I want to extend a warm welcome to Tammy our newest Team Writer.

Tammy has been writing for most of her life, though professionally for almost 8 years. Her writings these days tend to be inspired by her family and her desire to carve out a small suburban homestead on a just over a half-acre. She writes about gardening, cooking, chickens, her children, homeschooling and other such trivial everyday things. 
At this time in her life it is her grandest adventure as doors close on the past and she escapes through the windows that were left open to find new adventures to share with her children and anyone else who cares to watch a crunchy granola mom figure out what it means to learn to live again. 
That is a lot to be cheerful about this week….hope it is the same for you.
Before I go….

Check out Kylie’s Blog. She has been getting some self inflicted pain, of the best kind and for the best reasons.

Thinking of You. ♥ Jane (Especially Fay)