I’m looking forward to this new week as last week was so challenging.
Technology decided to test me as did other events.
A dodgy plugin saw me locked out of here for most of a day. I remember deciding to just stay calm about it but I must admit by mid afternoon the novelty was wearing thin. 

Currently I am cannot access my personal blog. The Google search tells me it’s either a faulty plugin or I’ve been hacked. Neither of these are satisfactory. I haven’t added a new plugin for a long time and I am diligent in doing the upgrades. It it’s hacked then I’m annoyed because it is hardly worth hacking, it is just a quiet little corner of the blogosphere where I take part in challenges, mostly photographic and do a bit of a run down on my life so those that care know how I am and what I am up to. I originally commenced blogging all those years ago (the current Life @ Number 8 is the last in a long series of blogs, blog sites and titles from over the years) in order to avoid writing so many emails and to make sure noone was missed out. As to why anyone would want to hack it I have no idea. Do you?

If you are going to hack at least leave a nice clear message. roll over for credit

I had my eyes tested which included having drops put in and yes, true to form I had a reaction. The phrase ‘it is very rare for anyone to have a reaction’ is not a comfort to me; it is a warning. It took some 6 hours to recover.
This week we have more wonderful articles for you. Kylie has been to Luxemburg and tomorrow we share her Photographs. We have an exciting ‘Facebook Focus’ for you wherein you will meet Jaana.

Did you enjoy our tribute to International Women’s Day we made sure we mentioned all of you under the heading of EveryWoman.

I added a couple of new tabs (up the top of the front page) and altered our Permalinks so they are no longer a million miles long. so to speak.

The No-Sugar Experiment has been updated to Week 4 for me and Week 5 for Chloe’s Mum. Did you see the report on Channel 7 Australia? The links are on the No-Sugar page. Includes an interview with Jamie Oliver. 

Have an interesting week…




Meanwhile Kylie has been Blog Hopping…

Finding my New Normal

An inspirational blog that was started when the author who remains anonymous, lost her son at term, he was still-born. Now pregnant again, we are following the pregnancy and praying for happiness.

Eglantine’s Cake

This was the first blog I ever read, written by my sister Penni. She writes poetry, shares recipes, and photographs of her family life. This blog always makes me smile

Benefit Scrounging Scum

This blog is by Bendy Girl. She writes about the UK government changes to disability benefits and how it will affect people. She also shares about her own life with dodgy joints that dislocate frequently.

Over on ‘Not Even A Bag of Sugar’, Weaning week was a huge success, the author of the Baby Led Weaning book commented on one of my posts. Much excitement