‘Our lives today are so busy. Time is spent rushing around between the school run, getting to work on time, after-school clubs, friends, family…life.  How often do we stop – really stop – and take the time to appreciate the beauty that we are surrounded by?

I am lucky in that what I do gives me the opportunity to frequently drink in the beauty, the serenity, that nature has to offer. It’s a big part of why I love photography. Not only do I get to admire all these things, but I really study them. I have the time to drink in the perfection of each individual flower.

I know that not everyone is so lucky. I know that, life being what it is, it is often difficult even to remember to draw breath. But do we realise just what we are missing out on?

Not so long ago I was living a frantic life. Splitting my time between university, shifts at the hospital and that little thing called being a parent! I hardly had time to close my eyes at night. When my son was diagnosed with various disabilities, my life had to change completely. It was a hard adjustment.

Photography was my saving grace. It allowed me to appreciate the little things. Made me stop and realise that I still had a lot to be grateful for.

We can all get caught up in the whirlwind of life and forget about the little things. I urge you to take just five minutes today to immerse yourself in the beauty and serenity that surrounds you each day. Five minutes to appreciate the delicate petals on the rose in your garden. Five minutes to watch the squirrel in the park gathering nuts for the winter. Five minutes to be at peace.

 How often do we stop – really stop – and take the time to appreciate the beauty that we are surrounded by?

Trust me, you’ll feel better for it. I did.’

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©Text and Photographs  Hannah Rachel Potter 2011

Hannah is a natural light photographer specialising in portraiture and fine art photography. Based in Sussex, England, Hannah combines freelance writing and photography with being parent and carer for her disabled son.

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