A NEW WEEK, a new location and exciting things are happening.

First I want to thank the ever-generous Katrina from 'Katrina on The Block' @Katrinas_Tweets who is currently living it up in NYC – a prize she won for running a great Blog. Even though she is flat out having a great time she found a moment to answer my query, so now here I am writing this on the Blogsy App on my iPad. I hear my laptop weeping in the corner…

I'm on the Gold Coast for a holiday. I am also here marking time between my move from suburbia back to the city. Yes, I truly am a City Mouse. More of that later. For now here is the view upwards from my bed – where I spent most of the day soaking up the sun, taking phone calls and reading Jane Austen's 'Emma'.

*I'd like to thank NUFFNANG for the Movie ticket that arrived just before I left town.

This week I will be bringing you the much promised article on the 'Christmas in July' Regency Dinner and also Introducing our newest Team Writer, Rosemary.

At a recent girls nights out I let my inner child have expression and ordered a sprite spider. Do you know what this is? Yes, I am off sugar, however I enjoyed this slight indulgence.

This week, infact Friday 10th August, marks a significant event in my life. Saving details the week's end.

But for now, let me ask you, yes you…

Are you watching the Olympics? Are you out and about enjoying summer? Or struggling through a chilly winter? Packing up an old home or life, or underway making a new one?

Are you cuddling a new baby or holding the hand of a loved one as they slip away?

Are your tears born of joy, or sorrow?

Do you know, do you understand you are not alone?

Across the world are women struggling as you are; achieving as you do, growing learning becoming, just as you have been, just as you are and just as you will continue to do. Make a friend, be a friend. Other women can be you best resource. When you speak, they will hear you.

But for right now, I am

Thinking of you, (heart) Jane