The last couple of years I have written a person tribute to 2 Janes, both victims of the 2001 World Trade Centre attack.

I looked up the list of names and scrolled through looking for anyone named Jane. Originally that was all I felt I could have in common, being a woman and being named Jane. I wrote about Jane S Beatty and Jane Ellen Baeszler.

Rebirth Project You can find this program on Australia’s  ABCiView

I watched this documentary and was deeply moved by it.

For weeks I have been thinking about what I would write for this year. I have been thinking a lot about what happened, and about the lessons learned from the experience.

Not just for the victims and their families but for the world.

We certainly have learned that USA, the people of America will rise above whatsoever may happen to them.

It is a spirit of patriotism and courage that personally I admire. I am not talking politics or anything controversial. Just the ‘we will not be beaten’ heartbeat of that nation. They often go on to make the future better given the tragedy of the past.  This new building, is, I think, beautiful. I love the explanation of the architect.

I am not sure that the world has leaned much positive. We seem to have embraced a few negative lessons. Such as suspicion and distrust. Yes these attitudes can be dressed as awareness and caution. So you decide.

Yet beyond all this I find there is friendliness, a desire to reach out. To be reached. Women are doing this through social media. I now have friends around the world. Yes I call them friends. Follow me on Twitter – @JaneofAustralia – and we might become friends. It is possible.

For what is friendship?  It is sharing common interests. Or even interest in new things. Things you have never thought about or considered before. It is interest in,  and care about another person. It is being there for them in the good times and the bad. On the #fail days and the days bursting with joy.

Try and take a moment to think about the loss of 9/11.

The people. The dreams. The hopes.

Then take a moment to think about your life and your hope and dreams.

What can you improve? How can you be a better friends? Who can you reach out to.

If you need to be reached, then open your heart and trust.

May there be peace in the moments you need it.

Remember, I am thinking about you.