One year my teens went out to make this drop and it turned into a comedy or errors.  They knew the family well, and so they waited until quite late. We had a huge storm, but it had cleared and though it was still hot they decided it was a good time to go. Because of how the house is situated in the street, they had to approach it extra carefully.  It would be easy to be seen. The upstairs lights were on and oops the front door was open. They decided that they could not go up the stairs as they would be seen leaving, so a decision was made to have my son throw the rolls up on to the front balcony. He threw them one at a time, and oops they bounced and rolled in through the front door.

The stories from the family’s point of view was hilarious.

My teens arrived home out of breath and falling over laughing. So be careful tonight.

it’s the 4th day of Christmas

and I bet you thought wed miss you.

we didn’t thought and here you have

four rolls of bathroom tissue (toilet paper rolls)

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