today you get to feed sweet-tooths. Do be aware of anyone with diabetes or other health issues. You might already know, or you can ask around but be very careful. The other thing to do is to get 5 different sweet treats, so that they are not all chocolate or candy bars. What about canned fruit?

 Day 5

on the 5th day of Christmas

five treats of sugar sweet

we hope that you will enjoy

that taste that can’t be beat

We lived in a gated complex and a lady we knew, but not very well, moved into a town-house further along from us.  My teens did the 12 Days of Christmas for her.  Years later she told me, still not knowing who it was that had made the deliveries, that it had been a very tough time for her, she was just divorced and the family was still struggling with the issues. Everyday she would open her door to go to work and there would be something special. Evidence that someone cared. Evidence that she was not alone, although she felt that way much of the time. On day 12 I will tell you how the stealth santa’s were out maneuvered.

Have you been caught, or are you being super creative?