Amongst the changes around here is the decision to take on new team members.

Introducing Kylie, from Manchester England.

How did I find Kylie?

One night on Twitter I saw a Tweet saying that her 2-year-old was telling himself knock knock jokes and then answering and falling down laughing, in his cot. He was supposed to be having a nap.

I thought this such a cute comment that I replied. Shortly thereafter the London riots of 2011 happened and then spread through other parts of England. I contacted Kylie and asked her to write an article for us. ‘The England they don’t want you to see’ was a thoughtful and insightful piece of writing. Kylie’s next article for us was ‘Serious Bliss’ This is a subject close to Kylie’s heart. She writes regularly on the subject of her passion on her Blog ‘Not Even a Bag of Sugar‘. She also writes about her life in Manchester, being a young mother, the joys and struggles of day-to-day life. We look forward to Kylie’s regular contributions and more stories about her son that I have nick named JT for Joke Teller.

 Kylie and her Blog have been featured on radio, local and national newspapers and television in the UK as she seeks to share her knowledge, experience and support others.

You can follow Kylie on Twitter @Kykaree

Please welcome Kylie.