Personal events that occurred during the week to some of my nearest and dearest found me giving words of encouragement that seemed to apply in each of the instances. Life and its milestones can have profound effects on us. Sometimes just hearing positive words of encouragement can mean that the positive and not so positive changes that occur in our lives, are easier to accept. It is these words that I leave here for you to ponder. Hopefully, they’ll encourage a little more peace, serenity and tranquility.

* Tell your nearest and dearest you love them – and enjoy watching their smile light up their face.

* Be silly – life is too short for us to only see it as a serious journey 24/7. Have some fun, and try to incorporate some silliness in your day.

* Enjoy life – if you’re going through each day bemoaning all that is going wrong, then I think you’re going about it all wrong. Stop and think of the alternative – surely that will make you realise that life really isn’t so bad.

* Follow your heart, whilst also listening to your head. If you let them, they’ll work quite well together.

* Ignore the noisy chatter that can often swamp our lives – the chatter doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

* If you’ve been putting off a decision simply because you’re uncertain which way to jump – just ask yourself “what’s the worst that can happen?” and then jump to it – make that decision.

* When was the last time you de-cluttered your life? Life can feel overwhelming if we’re surrounded by physical and mental junk. Anything from de-cluttering your wardrobe to learning to say “no” on occasion, can free you up and leave you feeling a little more relaxed.

* Look after yourself. Listen to your body and don’t put off health checks when they’re due.

My time as Photographer of the Month now draws to a close and I feel honoured to have been chosen to post for ‘A String of Pearls’. I have thoroughly enjoyed creating the photographs for you, as I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing them. Enjoy your life, and see you around the web.

©All Work (Images & Text) Copyright Adriana Glackin 2011.  See her previous Contributions

Adriana, thankyou for being our 1st Photographer of the Month during September. We have loved gazing upon your images and considering your words.

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