For so many of us we recognise this lady in the red chair as the fun-loving, talented and slightly crazy (meant in the best possible way) Crayon Wrangler. We have read and watched, and cried and prayed as she has come through literal ‘hell and high water’. Now we rejoice as she develops her new life and happiness.. This is her final week as our Guest Photographer of the Month. We hope to hear from her in other ways. I urge you to follow her Blog, for a laugh, life lessons, and Pearls of Wisdom that we admire.  Her talent as a writer and a photographer have always been well-developed (yes I did that on purpose)

Alycia writes ‘Serenity can be found anywhere and everywhere.

The creak of a rocking chair while holding the hand of someone you love.

Or the sounds of the sea…

the fragrance of new life…

The thing with finding serenity in what you visually see to change what your heart can see. To be open and accepting of the peace around you. To shut out the inconveniences, frustrations, pains and difficulties that surround us all. To view with your heart and not your eyes. To trust that the serenity has already been provided for you. You just have to be willing to look for it.

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©  Alycia Adams Neighbours

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Alycia is a mother, photographer and writer in the Middle Tennessee area. Although a successful portrait photographer, her real passion is capturing the small and often overlooked beauty that surrounds us daily. She writes the blog “Color Me Happy” and uses her photography principles in her writing as well; often taking the small moments and applying it to a deeper meaning through life and faith.

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