Welcome to a new episode of entrepreneurial women. Today I’d like to introduce you to  Heidi from ‘Blame the Baby

Through an interesting set of circumstances I met Heidi from ‘Blame the Baby’. She lives in St Helens, Tasmania.

NEWS FLASH! HEIDI IS NOMINATED FOR THE national AusMumpreneur Customer Service AWARD. 


Ok so here is how it happened. I wanted to purchase a size 2 white shirt. Like a business shirt, but very mini. For my 2nd grandson, who was turning 2.  And not costing $40!

After a serious search in Queensland I searched beyond…and I found ‘Blame the Baby‘ I received a fast and pleasant response to my enquiry re cost. But then

There was a little drama….Heidi emailed me this –

In between all the excitement of our emails going backward and forwards, our little town has flooded this afternoon so I’ve been madly scrambling to get kids out of day care and school and all that kind of thing, so it was a bit of a mad afternoon because we certainly weren’t expecting that much rain!

But I did forget to mention that I ended up having to send your shirt with Australia Post Express as the couriers escaped town early so they didn’t get caught in the floods. But the mail left okay tonight so you will still have it in plenty of time. I popped in an extra shirt as well because I ended up having to take the shirt out of its packet thanks to a spilled coffee…………..bad me should not work with coffee on my desk.The shirt is absolutely fine but the plastic was not. So I do apologise!
What a generous way to do business. I was intrigued by a business woman with such an open generous heart and so I asked Heidi if I could interview her for this series. I was delighted when she said yes.


Heidi, I know you are a busy lady so thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

How long have you been in business? I’ve been in business myself for 6 years – I also publish a local news magazine, but Blame the Baby officially changed from a hobby to a business 2 years ago.


Because I found you on-line and had such a great experience, I am wondering what  your background and experience is with on-line selling?   Before I started selling, I did a LOT of buying online, so I had a fair idea about what I liked to receive/see as a buyer so I have tried to instill a lot of the nice touches into the buying experience. My experience extends to Ebay and my website but you just constantly learn in this kind of business! But my biggest thing is to make my clients feel that they are buying from someone just like them, not a huge superstore or a computer. So I try to make everything very personalised.


It’s a great website , do you maintain it yourself? Most of it! But sometimes I put my hand up for help.


I’m curious, what is the most unusual request you have received? A young man wanted a lime green zoot suit – like the gangster suits – for St Patrick’s Day.


Is passion keeping you going, the original desire that got you started…how do you maintain that? Definitely! I lose clients because they think that because our prices are reasonable that we must have a poor product, but the entire adventure began because I refused to pay $200 for a suit for my one year old. So I stick to that philosophy of providing high quality, yet affordable children’s formal wear and I get such a buzz when someone phones and says, “I’m so glad I found your site!” *I must say I agree with this the shirts are beautifully made and fit well.


What is the furthest you have sent an order? Kazakhstan. OK I confess that was not the answer I had been anticipating….


What hobbies do you have? I have to say my business, sad but true! I love searching for new stock and I could potter around all day in the studio and rearrange everything. And my kids, I have every Monday off while both my kids are home from school and I look forward to it every week just doing kid things. We’ve had some great adventures!


It’s an age-old question now, but Heidi, what matters most to you, the journey or the destination? The journey. No point reaching your destination if you’ve worn yourself on the way. May as well enjoy it as you go along and what will be will be.


How do you measure success? Everyone says if you’re happy doing what you’re doing and that is very true. But to measure the success of my business, I say it’s the word of mouth referrals and the repeat business. The value of that is golden. Also if I’m happy, my husband is happy and my kids are happy that means I am successfully balancing work and home.


Any advice to other women? Give yourself at least one day a fortnight to yourself. Put the kids in daycare (they’ll love it too), send them to Grandma’s, do whatever – but you’ve got to have some you time. Go and catch up with coffee with your friends, go for a walk, have a sleep, do the housework without it being destroyed right behind you, read a book, go for a swim. Just have a day that is yours to do as you please. Doesn’t matter if you use it to catch up on work or chores because you’ll do it without interruption and with your favourite 80’s track blaring instead of Hi5!


Heidi, These are the famous 10 Questions from inside the Actors Studio, slightly adapted.


1. What is your favourite word? Salubrious


2. What is your least favourite word? Awesome

3. What excites you? 
Beating, okay, figuring out how to use technology

4. What bores you? 

5. What sound do you love? 
When I tuck the kids in before I go to bed, and even though they’re asleep, they mumble out “Thank you Mummy”

6. What sound do you hate? 

7. What do you love doing most?
 Going for a walk with the kids as they ride their bikes

8. What profession would you not like to do? 
Kindergarten teacher

9. Chocolate or not chocolate?
 Definitely chocolate

10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Here comes a little ray of sunshine just like your mummy said

Heidi also finds time to produce the 

You can find Heidi here…
The highest compliment you can pay is to refer Blame the Baby to your friends
Heidi, thanks again for your time, and your inspiration. And also the great shirt. The parents of the 2 year I was buying for have a no-children-photos-on-line-policy which I support, thus I cannot show you my handsome grandson in his shirt. But it was well worth the purchase, and half the price of local shirts. Plus I got to meet Heidi, and I am delighted to introduce her to you.
I asked Heidi to suggest another  entrepreneurial woman for me to talk to and I am following up on that now. 
Is there someone you would like to suggest? Perhaps even yourself? Don’t be shy, leave me a comment (which I will read but not publish)

Thinking of you, ♥ Jane