Hold on,  this is not an article about religion. It is generally accepted that God gave Moses The 10 Commandments.  Even if you don’t agree you probably know that, and you might even know some of them. Today we are looking at Number 10. Yes, sure go look it up, if you want, but it’s the Coveting one. It goes kind of like this:

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours house, or wife. Car. Boat. Flat Screen TV, designer shoes, Cable or WiFi? Hmm yes not even the wifi. ( I added the italics, we didn’t have all that back when these were handed down, God covered the principle not the specifics

And who is your neighbour? That’s anyone on the planet. Yes. Anyone.

Of course there are a bunch of people you are simply not going to get covetous about. With due respect, but in all honesty you are less than likely to covet a the life style of so-called lower caste Indians, refugees in Asia, people walking hundreds of miles for water food, medicine, protection etc.  (Though they may well have some beautiful aspects to their lives we cannot even guess at) OK?

So you’ve work hard over the last 12 months, at this, let’s say you started at Easter 2011, you rose above concerns re how many Easter eggs your best friend, or the guy next to you at work received. And the brands you received.

You get through summer/winter keeping BBQ envy and winter fashion wants under control. It’s a struggle but you even get through Christmas and New Years. Valentines is shaky but you make it beyond the size of diamond rings, long-stemmed roses, boxes of Chocolates and you’re in the home stretch.

But watch out as we roll into the new year, 2012. What happened then?  The Apple rumours began….Yes. Apple is ready to release something.

Something new and i-ish. Oh no…noo! Yes, you see now you are in a mess, right? You’ve beaten everything else down in the coveting area if the life. You developed a zen style contentment with your lot. You do tai chi and yoga in the morning. Eat healthy. Live a balanced life. No road rage for you…You don’t covet. Not at all.

Well, as of yesterday you didn’t, but now look. The new iPad. Sigh.

To complete the process go visit Carolyn over at ‘The Wonder of Tech‘  She has a great review and image of the difference between New iPad and iPad 2. Couldn’t they have gone for iPads to match the iPhones?

And look she even tells you how to prep your iPad2 for resale. 

Now, what are you going to do about those iDevice Upgrade Blues?

BREAKING NEWS: Apple announces it has sold 3 million New iPads since 16th. Clearly some of you have no problems wanting it!