We are women around the world, we share more than we do not share; we have much in common. In thinking about this I decided it was time. Time to share a few of my plans and dreams. We are approaching Phase 2. Never heard of it? Well, it has only been in my head so far. I thought it was time to share some of what has been rattling around in my Dream File.Which is kept on my Dream-Desk. Love this blackboard below, but I’d change the black to blue in all the trims. Are there blue blackboards?

This site is currently set to a rather dark, they call it ‘Corporate’ default. It is the best of the options. Yes it is.  I don’t like it. Really, some of the options were almost frightening. This is the layout I wanted. For now. As you may know I am in school, as a student. I am learning all kinds of things, none of which are any use here. The things I have learned for here I have learned out of school. However it does not matter where we learn, so long as we learn. The theory was I would learn how to design, create and install The New Look. I have already drawn the design. Now I have to learn to Create it. So far I have been very productive doing other things. However I have almost cornered myself.

What is Phase 2?

It includes EXCLUSIVE items are being made for you. Yes you. GIVEAWAYS start soon.  Wendy my amazing Assistant/Facebook Community Manager (who will be out of FB jail very soon – FB what are you about suspending people for doing what your site is all about connecting with people? . And surely you ought to create a right of appeal, and a place to make that appeal. Just what country are you in? Does the phrase Innocent until Proven Guilty sound familiar? )..so Wendy is based in the Northern Hemisphere, and I am in the Southern. We have planned the FIRST GIVEAWAY to be a 2-parter one for the North and one for the South. You see, we have the world covered.

And I am working on The Shop. Ignore the fruit. That’s a default thing I am about to remove. This is what the desk in my mind looks like. Busy yet organised. There is a Phase 3 and beyond, but for now Please subscribe over on the right so you can receive new publications in your email, AS WELL AS GIVEAWAY NEWS and, there is an RSS button top right. It’s teeny. Yep, that’s on The List.

Before I go I wanted to say thanks to all the women who have so far have submitted such great articles. Haven’t we had diverse reading?

As I write, there are more women across the globe composing fabulous pieces for us to read. There are photography essays being created, and women making special observations while away from home.

Please do not feel that you need to wait for an invitation to be a Guest…you know while I use the term ‘Guest’ really you are actually friends…OK, maybe we haven’t met yet, what does that matter?  … Something you contribute may help another woman, a street away, a world away, or you may be helped, lifted or encouraged by something you read…therefore please do not need to wait to be asked. Just read the Guidelines and fill in the form and click send..then we can talk about what you want to do.

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I hope there is something wonderful, beautiful or special in your day. There will be if you look for it.