Just imagine spending Christmas (or whatever your special day is) in a beautiful place covered in snow. Of course you’d be indoors, with your every need taken care of. A crackling fire, wonderful food, all the entertainment, or quiet you might want. At a time of your choosing you get to unwrap absolutely beautiful packages. Inside will be everything you have ever wanted. What might that be? Diamonds? Pearls?

The best perfume in the world, the finest chocolates? You watch the sun go down and life is perfect…but is it?

A life of glamour and indulgence isn’t really what produces happiness and contentment.

Imagine a better scene: there would be  family and loved ones all gathered together, regardless of the weather.  Maybe, or even hopefully there is noise, people talking, children laughing, the sounds of enjoyment. Bing Crosby crooning in the background.  You help provide the food, maybe you even assist in preparing and serving it.

  There is laughter and fun as the seating arrangements are sorted out, that is the finding of enough chairs and everyone squeezes around a festive table. Traditions will be shared and new memories are made.

Even better is to have been able to help someone less fortunate than yourself. Before the big day.

You could Buy A Pig

Buy Breakfast for children in South Africa

Help Aussie children

Volunteer in Britain


Do you own search. Ask locally. Enquire at a Church. Call a government agency. It will not be difficult to find someone who needs your help. Much help is needed, always.

All the luxury in the world will not really fill your heart. The season is supposed to be shared with people you love. It is supposed to be about giving, for in giving we receive.  It’s a strange truth.  Yes this is me, yes I normally write about shoes, and trinkets, and beautiful things. But, I ask you, what is more beautiful than a need met? What greater treasure is there than hands that have reached out and helped.

A happy heart shows on two faces.

What have you given that filled your heart? What will you give? 

© Audrey

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