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Heart Healing Soul Mending

Tammy, our lovely Team writer from Eastern USA returns to update us on the her adventures to date, ‘Sorry for the hiatus on keeping you all updated on the happenings here at Squirrel Point Farm. We do have a new location, part of the reason that I hadn’t been writing. We moved from South Carolina back to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. There was just something here above and beyond family that beckoned to me and I had to return. Another large part of the reason for my hiatus, I needed time to let my heart heal and...

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The Heart of a City

Today we are delighted to introduce Mark, our newest Team Writer. You can find Mark on Twitter as @Marklf ‘New York City, like any world-class city, is more than a collection of buildings, it is also a collection of people and stories. Over time I hope to relate many of those stories as you get to know my city… This first entry is about all three – buildings, people, stories  and the soul of the city. It’s a story that needs to be told and remembered every year at this time. When I was young, the Empire State Building,...

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