Tammy, our lovely Team writer from Eastern USA returns to update us on the her adventures to date,

‘Sorry for the hiatus on keeping you all updated on the happenings here at Squirrel Point Farm. We do have a new location, part of the reason that I hadn’t been writing. We moved from South Carolina back to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. There was just something here above and beyond family that beckoned to me and I had to return.

Another large part of the reason for my hiatus, I needed time to let my heart heal and me soul begin to mend. This process is far from over but there is a good start to it all. This part of the journey began with a small vacation up here to visit friends and family. The kids begged to stay, they didn’t want to return to South Carolina, though they were torn because of friends there. The familiar surroundings were comforting to us all. Both of my children were born here, though my little man remembers little of that time, he was just a toddler when we left the area, still there was that familiar feeling.

I had sat on my best friend’s back porch and looked out over her lake and just listened to the sounds of birds and other beasties on her 100 acre farm. I relaxed, I let my emotions flow in and out and really began to wrap my head around everything. A plan began to form and I figured it would be a year before I actually moved.

We returned to South Carolina and I received a phone call from a former professor of mine at Virginia Tech. You see Jay and I had already been tossing around the idea of moving back up to the mountains. I had put in an application, on a whim, to see if I could get into the Horticultural Therapy program there. Then March came along and I had forgotten all about it. Well apparently when I am ready I can return.

I was a bit shocked, really thrilled and ready to take on the world. Then fear settled in for a bit and I was afraid to move forward. I found some of the dumbest excuses in the world. Finally a friend told me that I was being unreasonable and to go for it. I began putting out feelers for jobs, looking at housing and trying to put a plan of action together. To sum it all up,  a house and a job came together all at one time. Just as the van fell apart but that is a story for another time, all the things that went wrong with my poor beast.

So we sold what we could, gave away other things and packed up the rest. 4 of us crammed into the cab of a 16 foot moving truck and made the drive. It is really only a 6 hour drive but we did 5 hours the first day and the last hour a second day. With frequent stops to sniff and take care of business.

Now, two months later we have settled in to the cutest little house, almost a cottage really. The original portion of the house may have been a cottage. At any rate, we are putting the pieces back together and making our plans to create an adorable little farm on 1.5 acres of land. It will be a slow process but one so worth it.


There are definitely stories to tell from our move and getting settled in. Some are up on my farmblog, others are being prepared for sharing with AStringofPearls readers.

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