“I love Christmas. Obviously for the meaning it represents, which is always uppermost in my celebrations”. Hannah Rachel Potter returns to show and share her Christmas with you. With us. 

“But another big part of Christmas for me is the decorations. The magical, beautiful transformation that towns and cities the world over undergo for the season. 

There is something about it that brings out the kid in me again. 

And that, I think, is no bad thing.

So, I wish all of you a magical, wonderful and blessed Christmas time – wherever you may be.” 

©All Photographs and Text Hannah Rachel Potter, Bubbleboo Photography. 2011

Hannah has been a ‘Photographer of the Month’  in 2011

Visit her work.      Hannah’s favourite things     Butterflies – this page has further links & info.

Thank you Hannah for the lovely work you have shared with us this year. We look forward to you Being a Guest with us in 2012.

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone.  Like many of you, I will be taking a break for a few days. I do hope I can get back to you before New Years Eve for ‘That was the Year That Was’. ie 2011 in review.

be happy, be safe.