Beyond the Blue Ridge Mountains:Tammy Part 2 ….’I can pinpoint the start of our journey to this time period. I began keeping my own small veggie patch and putting up a few things. We were still pretty environmentally unfriendly but it was a small change. I didn’t do cloth diapers with any of the kids, public school was still the way to go. I wasn’t crunchy and granola just yet, getting there with each year that passed but it has taken the better part of 14 years for that to happen.

Fast forward again six years, after various education, job and career choices I found myself pregnant again with our second child, our son Morgan. By this time we had moved to a small farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


We had gardens, chickens and goats and the other various animals from time to time.  I discovered a whole other life that I was enjoying. I had gone on maternity leave early and turned my attention to home, family and hearth completely. I ventured online and found other people who were homesteading, making their own things from scrap.

This was a time of mixed joy and sadness. Both of my moms, my mother in law had become one of my best friends and like another mother to me, became ill. Shortly after our son came into the world they both crossed into the next. We moved a little further south to North Carolina, I can honestly say that I lived in Mayberry. We were living in Mount Airy, NC, childhood home of the actor Andy Griffith. My best friend and person who became my big sister lived in the nearby town of Dobson. Together we started a small family oriented homesteading magazine while we raised our kids, ran our homesteads and did all kinds of things together.

My writing and our homesteading efforts at that time weren’t enough to sustain us and did actually give up. My husband found work as a security officer in Myrtle Beach, SC. So once again we moved to another state. We struggled financially, as so many have through this economy, and I returned to my roots again and began making our own cleaning supplies, cooking from scratch, etc. Anything to stretch our limited income.

I finally landed a decent job as a writer for a local marketing company. I was their writer, administrative assistant or any other title as needed depending on the day. I loved my job but my hunger to return to the land had grown. After almost two years I was laid off, the continuing down turn in the economy. I am still in touch with my boss and the owner of the company, I was honest with him my goal had been to be out of his company by the end of this year, 2012, anyway. Simply because my life was taking a different turn’.
Light, Love and Peace!


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