Butterflies.  There is just something about them.  Hannah Rachel Potter, our Photographer of the Month for October writes ‘I have always loved butterflies. They intrigue me. I can watch them for hours, fascinated at their grace, their beauty. To think that they start life as the humble caterpillar and grow and change and become something so much more. Have you ever looked at a butterfly? I mean really looked at one – beyond the splendour of the wings. They are remarkable creatures. Perfectly created and exquisitely detailed, their small size can be deceiving if you only glance at them. I am always amazed when I sit and study them as they flit from flower to flower, or take a few moments to open their wings to the sun. There is nothing I have found which has quite so much power to impress me, every time I see it.

The butterfly has become more than simply a beautiful creature to me over the last few years. Butterflies and autism are often linked – the symbolism of the butterfly’s life perfectly capturing the way an autistic child can develop, given the right nurturing.

When life gets difficult, when things seem to be overwhelming me and it all gets too hard, I look to the butterfly to remind myself why I keep going. That such a simple creature can have such an elegance and serenity about it – and mean so much to so many people – is inspiring to me.

Autistic children are butterflies to me. When they start life they struggle, they face challenges, things can seem hopeless at times. But find the key to unlock their secrets and they will shine.

There is always more to a butterfly than first meets the eye. Next time you see one, take a closer look – you might just find more than you thought you would.

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©Text and Photographs  Hannah Rachel Potter 2011

BIO: Hannah Rachel Potter is a natural light photographer specialising in portraiture and fine art photography. Based in Sussex, England, Hannah combines freelance writing and photography with being parent and carer for her disabled son.

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