When we make our own choices, rather than try and live the how and why someone else wants to decide for us; we will be happier. Actually we will be content. I was not sitting in an idyllic nature setting, nor a palace when I came to this insight. Those things are not required. The realisation that one has reached contentment is at the very least serendipitous.  I now have enough Frequent Flyer points to go anywhere, however even squillions of points will not get you there. Here.

Contentment is not just accepting what is or a settling for. Contentment is an inner peace that comes from being where and how you want to be. And in knowing that tomorrow you can relocate yourself to yet another place; and again find contentment.

Leo Babauta Over at Zenhabits, has made a good attempt at defining this place. It is worth remembering that

while you might quietly become aware that you are content. It might slip away quickly.  Try to hold it, try to feel it. Write down the smell, the taste, the feel, the temperature of contentment as soon as  you realise you are in it.

What did you do with your Frequent Flyer points? Where did yo go to?

When did you notice you had contentment?