Here we are in the second half of this fun project. How are your night time adventures?
Is it becoming more challenging as your recipients begin to expect something each night?
The BONUS today is I am giving you Day 7 & Day 8.

Day 7
for the 7th day of Christmas
we wondered what to do
but then we found these apples
and we’re giving them to you
(if apples are not in season use a fruit that is,
Failing that substitute something else but don’t use
Cookies gum or eggs.

Day 8
on the 8th day of Christmas
were nearly out of thyme
but here’s eight nice cookies
to enhance your Christmas time

Have you thought about leaving an actual Christemas gift at the end? Be careful though, it might reveal who you are….

Tomorrow I will give you Days 9 & 10 – I’m mindful of the pressures in you as Christmas Day approaches.