For awhile I lived in another far away city.  With my sister. As Christmas drew near, I found certain gifts were arriving for me. One extra of each day’s particular item.  A friend came to visit one evening and as we walked her to the car there was the gift from my stealth-santa, an unknown soul spreading joy into my life. Our friend became most upset when she realised only I was receiving the daily gifts and not my sister also…my sister said she did not mind, but still the friend was upset.

Can you guess who was my secret santa?

Day 9

on the 9th day of Christmas

we know you’re on the run

so we want you to stop

relax, and have a chew of gum


Day 10

on the 10th day of Christmas

ten eggs (not quite a dozen)

to scramble, fry, or use in baking

or anyway you love them

By the way, you will need 11 candy canes for tomorrow.