We have a Very Special Guest Today. Diego Lives in New York State. He is a multi-talented male. (Psst half of him ‘belongs’ to Jane, but that’s another article)

Diego applied himself to the task, has done his research, and has written for Men’s Week:

Females from a feline point of view.

I ♥ love ♥  female humans.  I love how they always seem to know when I need something – a fresh serving of food, a cup of cold water, a scratch on the chin, a freshened up litter box – it doesn’t matter, women are always there to help a cat boy out.

Sponk Love

Nothing can compare to a woman’s touch when it comes to scratches behind the ears or a gentle rub of the belly (or “sponk”, as I like to call it – my “sponk” is very plump and full of snack.) They always smell nice, too.  I love napping where a woman has been resting, because I can smell her perfumes.  I leave some fur for when she returns; this shows her that I have mad love for her scent; I prefer clean and fresh with a bit of vanilla or a hint of floral, never musky or zesty. Cat noses are sensitive, and must never be irritated with strong odor.

Because women are so understanding about the fur we cats leave behind after napping or playing, I try to be empathetic toward the female mood; felines, unlike male humans, can sense exactly what a woman is thinking or feeling. If it’s sadness or anxiety, we’re happy to hang around and calm our lady friends.  If it is anger or frustration she is feeling, then we hide.  Wouldn’t human relationships be so much better if male humans had feline intuition? Meow (yes.)


I love when women share things with me.  It’s ok to let males “in” to your life – surprise, we are always interested in what you have to say, what you enjoy in life, and what you’re doing at this very moment.  Personally, I love when my cat mom lets me read blogs – especially her Times Union blogs from the Albany, New York newspaper site and “A String of Pearls”, written by my other cat mom, Jane of Australia.  Those are my favorites, and I do love modern technology (even though I’m guilty of clogging up a few good PCs and Macs with my fur!)

I love when women make sure I have what I need in terms of entertainment.  Be it a good cat show on Animal Planet TV or the morning newspaper (where I browse the classifieds for female kitty friends.)  I’m easy to please, so pass me the TV remote and the paper. Oh, and a glass of strawberry milk, too. That’s my kind of morning.

Finally, I love how women make things so nice and cozy.  This all goes back to a woman’s gentle touch, which I mentioned earlier; women are so good at making the bed and couch as comfy and cuddly as possible, creating prime conditions for lengthy cat napping. I appreciate the work that goes into a neatly made bed, a well-designed couch or chair.

Keep up the great work, ladies;  you are appreciated and admired; just take a look at your black coat, where your favorite felines have left plenty of cat fur as a means to express their love and admiration.


Here is where you leave a little cat-love for Diego….