(the rice is optional) Feeling tired and fed up with all the work required to produce a tasty healthy meal? This is from Doris’ QnE series of recipes. (in-case you are overtired….QnE = Quick and Easy)

Sweet Chilli Beef or Chicken

Because this cooks long and slow you can use cheaper cuts of beef, OR even hamburger mince shaped into balls about walnut size.

Cut chicken breast/lean beef into long thin strips.

You need to have purchased some of this, there are many brands. Seems to be cheaper in Asian Supermarkets

Pour half a cup of sweet chilli sauce into a fry pan and place on low heat. It looks like this…

Add the chicken or beef strips

The idea is to cook is low and slow 

Allow to cook for several minutes

Turn the meat/chicken and continue cooking

The sauce will thicken and become shiny


Cook the rice you will need.  How many people are you feeding tonight?  Use your normal method.

Turn the beef/chicken off if the rice is going to take more than a few minutes.

Cook some frozen peas.

And other small cut vegetables of your choice. (diced carrot, small broccoli flowerets etc fresh or frozen)

what ever everyone likes.

Return to heat/check the beef or chicken from above, stir it so the sauce does not begin to burn.

Fold the vegs through the warm rice.

It is fun to add small cubes of cheese that will begin to melt from the heat of the rice/vegs

Make a mountain or rice onto the plate and top with the beef/chicken strips.

See, QnE! and delicious.