I am a great fan of home-grown produce. Vegetables and, if you are lucky enough fruit. My mother always said when it came time for me to buy my own home,  if I found 2 houses I loved and one had fruit trees, then I must buy that one. It was sound advice which is how I came to have a home with a yard full of fruit trees.  I have never had much luck growing grapes, though I have tried several times. Growing and eating crops you have planted and harvested yourself is a wonderful way of knowing exactly what you are eating.  The saying We are what we eat is very true.

Our hearts, our bones, even our mental capacity, both now and in the future, are effected by what we eat at each meal. Eat what is in season. Get a good sleep at night, fresh air and a little sunshine. Drink a lot of water. Yes, have a treat, now and then but avoid over indulging. If you are about to celebrate Christmas, or some other special event, now is the time to make a clear decision to NOT overeat.

How has eating food you have grown benefited you and your family?

©Doris 2011