This morning, my local time, is the anniversary of my mother’s death.

She was alive when I began writing ‘The Avalon Journals’. Our relationship has become so stable, trusting and balanced that I felt able to give her sections to read. I received a positive response. As my mother had been a nurse, we discussed what illness it was that would have the manifestations my character was displaying. That suited my case…

We laughed over how I was going to have the French maid stab (in the heart ) a Liverpuddlian of great height and strength. Would he just stand there while she climbed onto a chair? Even if he did was she going to have enough pre meditated strength to plunge the dagger in deep enough. Would he simply remain in place and co operate with her intentions?

We discussed arsenic as an alternative.

One day as I came into the room; she lay the pages aside and took off her glasses. She asked me who my Aiken was? I thought a while, then told her I did not have one. Yet.

I miss my mother very much. She gave me a great gift before she died. She told me  ‘Jane, what ever makes you happy will make me happy’ . What child could ask for more?

Bonus information. The girl child was in Paris in 1848. Along with her father, she attended Chopin’s final French performance at Salons Pleyel on February 16th just before events that became known as the3rd Revolution. After the concert they returned to her wealthy Grandmother’s home.

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Thinking of you…