I have actually learned one lesson.  Yes, Yes I learned others about safe water and safe food and what happens when I don’t pay attention. But I learned one serious lessonOne of those lesson that changes lives, has changed my life. As I sit here in this airport lounge and watch people arrive and depart I think it is a good metaphor for life…

Oh it might not be for all of you, for everyone but for me it is. I sit here ready to depart and I know, I just know I am different from when I arrived. When was that? How long ago..?

Now I know about the theory that you cannot change another person only yourself . And how exciting is that? And I tried it out, and, total excitement,  it worked.  Yes, right, it’s not a theory anymore. Now I don’t need to be worrying about what others are doing, I can just look to me. Is it kind of selfish, to look first to me? If I spend my energy getting me right then the rest will just flow. Yes? But surely that is where I have to start.

It seems to me that not understanding this lesson is used as a defence. We have all heard it. ‘You can’t change me. Stop trying to change me. Accept me as I am’ and more of that style of words and actions. No Ms having a tantrum at the check-in counter I am not looking at you. (but other people are)   It gets put up like a barrier, a wall. ‘I want the world how I want it’.  It can make the world seem dark as all of the time is spent defending that stand and nothing is done about looking to what might have to be changed.

My flight is being called. I dawns on me that now I understand this I have taken responsibility for me – more excitement – and yes,  I have totally set the world free to be responsible for itself. Really, this insight has lifted a huge burden from my shoulders.

I have burst the defence balloons of people who don’t get it. I have, haven’t I?

© Eliza

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