Audrey reminds everyone about the Elizabeth Taylor jewellery Auction. ‘On December 13, 2011, Christie’s New York will present 80 of Ms. Taylor’s most iconic jewels in a special Evening Sale, followed by 189 additional jewels in two Day Sale sessions on December 14.’ (Christies Press Release) ‘Widely celebrated as one of the greatest private collections ever assembled, this dazzling array of jewels includes Elizabeth Taylor’s most iconic diamonds, gemstones, historic jewels, and one-of-a-kind creations, as well as a treasure trove of personal mementos and beloved gifts.  The total selection of 269 magnificent jewels from this storied collection is estimated to achieve well in excess of $30 million.’

Audrey suggests that for us at ‘A String of Pearls’ this might be the best selection. It is lovely, however we will NOT

be bidding, and therefore NO it will not be a giveaway.

Audrey thought this might appeal to Jane, as she loves blue and white.

A portion of the proceeds from the exhibition admissions and publications related to the sales will be donated to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. Proceeds from the auctions will go to Taylor’s estate.