Some twelve years ago many of us were watching the Sydney Olympics. 2000. The Volunteer Olympics they are called. I also watched them, live during the day and then the replays at night. I was recuperating from open heart surgery. I could get up and walk around, potter about here and there, take care of myself, to some extent but I had to do a lot of resting.

A few months later I undertook some informal study. As a result I found what became, for me, key words. This was before I knew of SEO Key words. Did they exist back then? Perhaps…After taking 6 weeks to complete a little course that was designed to require 6 days, I came across, or perhaps not so much ‘came across’ rather my heart recognised the three words that would have guide me from then on.

I thought perhaps I would share my key words with you. They are serve empower nurture. After some contemplation I began to think of them as

Nurture * Serve * Empower

I decided that so long as I was working on one of theses areas or acting within one then I would be on track. When I say within, I mean that it clarified in my mind that those 3 words could be an inner occurrence, (causing personal growth)  or something I extended out to another.

I bought myself a ring, and wore it on my right hand, to remind myself of the words, sentiments, indeed philosophy I had created for myself.

What words do you strive to live by? What method do you use to remind yourself to stay ‘on track’.

Thinking of you, ♥ Jane.