Jacqui our Photographer of the Month shares her beautiful pictures of French carousels. ‘It is not unusual to see a carousel in most towns and villages in France and in Spain too’.

‘Profiter de la balade’  (If you think this is incorrect, please leave me a comment with the phrase you think is correct, and why)…but for now,  Enjoy the ride.


The horses and other animals are always a little different to the one you see in the village before.

Some have mermaids and submarines, some keep to the traditional horses. I think Carousels are moving sculptures.

I have always loved the music and the children going around and up and down.

Such a beautiful thing to enjoy in your childhood…

They appear almost magical at night.

These photographs reminded me on a scene in the Audrey Hepburn/Cary Grant film ‘Charade’. At about 1:50 you hear the music. Sorry it is not in English, but you could hire the movie. But beware this clip is a A SPOILER.



….but of course Carousels are all over Pinterest!


©Jacqueline Guglielmino    In Africa      Paris, my heart soars  

We are loving Jacqui’s snapshots of life in France. We hope you are too. Please feel free to leave a comment for her.