This is  not a political statement. This is just about Pearls. And I happened across this photo 1st. Ann Romney, wife of Would-Be Republican Candidate Mitt Romney. She seems a pretty amazing woman, it’s the old behind every good man story….A Harvard Graduate and once  First Lady of Massachusetts, mother to 5 sons, diagnosed in 1998 with multiple sclerosis (now under control) she remains married to Mitt, after 42 years.  Clearly she has earned her pearls. Though of course they do not have to be earned…just worn. Ann Romney wears hers well.

Anne Romney in pearls making cookies

Lessons I learned this week. 

1. It is my responsiblity to check the RSS feeds are working,  I discovered they had been down for maybe a week.

I am still working in the solution. But I am working on it.

2. Converting Northern hemisphere time (to my local time) for a Webinar is best done in advance.

3. I really do need to replace my in-the-house (as opposed to in-the-car) headphones that snapped when I fell asleep wearing them and rolled over, the wrong way.

By the way, Kylie has gone to London for a very cool event. More News next week. This is what she normally works at.