not so much a girl as a woman. ‘In 1969, Richard Burton spent $37,000 (outbidding Prince Alfonso de Bourbon Asturias) to buy Elizabeth La Peregrina, a stunning pear-shaped pearl, for her thirty-seventh birthday. “It used to belong to the Welsh,” Burton stated. “I thought it time they got it back.” Included in the purchase of La Peregrina was the pearl’s provenance, which is as fascinating as the pearl is rare and beautiful. A slave was set free after finding the pearl in the Gulf of Panama and bringing it to the Spanish court. It was later given to Mary Tudor of England upon her engagement to Spain’s Phillip II in 1554. Later, Queens Margarita and Isabel owned the pearl. Both were immortalized, wearing the pearl, in separate portraits by the revered sixteenth century painter, Valásques. And finally, in the early part of the 1800’s, the Bonapartes owned the pearl.’ from The Elizabeth Taylor Archives  Front Page image: Elizabeth’s cameo in the 1969 film, Anne of the Thousand Days,

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