Today we bring you the final in this June’s series of Photographs from Bubbleboo Photographer,The Diamond Jubilee: Hannah’s view. We would like to thank Hannah go her wonderful images all month, and for the effort in creating this months visual pearls. We look forward to Hannah’s next visit.

‘As you are probably aware, the event of our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was a bit of a washout. The weather was abysmal and the occasion could very well have slipped by unmarked for those of us outside of the capital.


I will admit to not being much of a Royalist, but I am aware that an event like this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so against my better judgement – and the wish to remain warm and dry – I decided to take my son to the local celebrations.



Us Brits can be a hardy bunch – we’re not known for letting “a bit of rain” (torrential downpours) and a “gentle breeze” (gale-force winds) get us down! Hence, when we arrived at the local park, there was a crowd of people already there. Some were sitting on the ground watching events in London on the big screen. Others were queueing for rides on the miniature steam engine. Yet more brave souls were seated at tables outside the kiosk, eating ice cream.

Yes, this was a British celebration indeed!



There was a lovely atmosphere, in spite of the adverse conditions. A sense that this was a truly special event, the like of which will not be seen again for a very long time.


So congratulations, Your Majesty – and thank you for the memories!’

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BIO: Hannah Rachel Potter is a natural light photographer specialising in portraiture and fine art photography. Based in Sussex, England, Hannah combines freelance writing and photography with being parent and carer for her disabled son.


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