I have been making these for years. I have no idea who taught me. 

Years ago my mother gave me a beautiful Quiche dish,&  I have never had a failure using it.


this is a weekend cooking submission (originally posted on my 2010 Blog, however I have been asked for it again)

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Prep time about 30 mins. Cooking about 40 mins. Not Difficult

Here is How to make a perfect Quiche. 

Wash you hands, put on an apron, I do, and let’s get cooking.


Gather eggs (room temperature), sour cream, tomatoes…

crack the eggs into a bowl (12-15)

add a couple of teaspoons of the sour cream to the eggs, beat see below

a hand whisk is fine. Try & get some froth that’s air. Air = lightness

grate your cheese. you can mix a couple of types. I use mild & tasty cheddar or mild & mozzarella

Use a machine, or by it pre grated if you prefer.

pick some parsley – hopefully from your garden, or purchase fresh. I’ve never used the parsley in a tube, it’s up to you.

chop finely

dice ham (or don’t use ham if you are vegetarian) or bacon, if a potential eater has an allergy, dice onion: saute together. Turn your oven on now. 180C with the rack in the middle.

This is the dish my mother gave me. Spray lightly – I use olive oil spray. Don’t forget the sides. Be careful if you get it on the floor, it makes it very slippery.

melt butter: I can’t tell you how much I always have too much or not enough), dampen a clean cloth & get your pastry out of the fridge. In this case I used filo pastry but your can use regular short crust.

this is the filo pastry out of the pack. Keep a damp cloth over the top. It dries very quickly

brush the pastry with butter & layer into the Quiche dish. If you are using regular pastry you only need the one layer. For filo which I think is nicer, you will need several, placed in on various angles.

make sure the oven is on! And preheated.

now you are ready to assemble: the oven is preheating,you have gathered: your dish with pastry in it, tomatoes (you will need to keep 3 nice round slices aside, cut these slices from the middle of the tomato so as to get large and even slices) , parsley, grated cheese, sautéed ham & onion

you are going to need to cook this for about 40 mins so if you are planning on eating it hot that’s about how long til meal-time.

sprinkle the ham, onion, diced tomatoes on top of the pastry in the dish

pour the frothy beaten eggs in ( for this size Quiche I use about 15: adjust up or down)

sprinkle the parsley on top (I don’t use salt & pepper – you can)

sprinkle the cheese on top. I tend to use a lot of cheese.

add the 3 slices I said to keep

this has been in the oven about half the time

when you remove the Quiche from the oven it will be  high and puffy, (mine are) as it cools it will flatten. If there is any left over (which there mostly isn’t) you can freeze cooled  individual sections.

You can make this same recipe using muffin trays. Use a glass with a circumference about the size of the top of the muffin hole. I have made mini-quiche with regular pastry & filo.  When I had my last open  heart surgery my ‘sister’ made a large picnic basket of the mini version & bought them into the hospital cardiac ward. These were for the staff  to give them a break from all the chocolates I had had delivered to them. (Hey, it all helps)

serve with a nice fresh salad

link back to me when you post a blog photo of your Quiche.

questions? feel free to ask….

bon appetit