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Winter has arrived here in Australia. Here is today’s Insight: my heart-felt gratitude about…

1. My snuggly warm slipper boots that only cost $7 from K Mart.

2. My iPad – that allows me to work while snuggled up in a warm bed.

3. Wise and careful friends.  By careful I mean, they are careful of our friendship, careful of my sensitivities and as for wise, well you know what wise is don’t you?

s o u r c e 

4. The example of Queen Elizabeth – her Diamond jubilee celebrates 60 years on the job. And she is not done yet. (not many people stay that long in the one job; weathering the ebb and flow of life and still come out a winner)

5. The TV coverage of the Jubilee that has allowed me to see so much of London without leaving home. I’ve loved the pageantry, the crowds and images of – at last – a happy family.

6. The opportunity to watch others happiness as they do things, participate in life, achieve and overcome. Grow, stretch and generally embrace living.

s o u r c e 

7. Yes the technology that allows me number 6 and number 2.

8. God, knowing He is there. Knowing He hears my prayers and answers. Knowing He loves me and knowing I can turn to Him any time. And it is OK if you don’t agree…with any or all of that, but I feel it, deeply.

s o u r c e

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As ever, I am thinking of you, ♥ Jane I wrote about it, the thinking about you I mean.