On this cold and chilly night I have gained this Insight: friends are like pearls. Not the cultured replication of perfectness but the unique and diversity that are real pearls. The slightly irregular shapes and sizes. Each one beautiful in its own sphere, and right. Each one contributing to a beautiful strand. Creating a serendipitous synergy. See now you know for sure, I am writing this…was there really any doubt?

Every pearl is a result of the unique experience of creation. So it is with friends. They bring their own life experiences, the richness and the drought of their years. Just as pearls begin to glow with daily wearing so it is with friendship. The lustre comes from frequent interactions, of talking, and laughing and yes sometimes of tears. A tender touch, a knowing smile and an unspoken understanding will enhance the shared treasure. When I think of the strands of friends in my life, no matter where that may be, at my doorstep or via my keyboard I know that I am rich indeed. The wealth of the pearls in my life is abundant. And forever.

s o u r c e

thinking of you, ♥ Jane