I’ve been thinking again. This is when these thoughts occurred. Insights: 2 in the morning…

I sign off most of my articles with the simple little phrase ‘Thinking of you’ and add a little heart. ♣

Although it is quite simple, it is not trite or casual but a heart-felt indication of where my thoughts mostly are.

I do think about you all. If I interact with you on any social media site or in RL then I think about you.
Into my mind comes the image of a globe as it slowly turns I scan across nations and continents locating you. Then I think when I last heard from her? What was happening in her life?

Sickness, sorrow stress or struggle?  Or are you dancing with delight and deliciousness from happy events?
Other times your name pops into my mind, or heart, and I reach out.
Sometimes, just sometimes I think about you to stop me thinking about me. It’s not denial or avoidance just a need to rebalance my life scales.

What is needed is just enough of me, and plenty of you.
Many years ago I heard a wise man state, when you lose yourself in others there is more of you to find.

I believed it when I heard it. I decided to try to live it.

Thinking of you, ♥ Jane.

s o u r c e 


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