Yes it’s a new year, and a new look. Half way through this the inaugural year of ‘A String of Pearls’ changes are occurring.

Back when this site, which is for women by women was launched I wrote:

Just as each individual pearl is unique and beautiful, so are you.
When pearls are threaded together they make a lovely strand.

The more you wear them, the greater the lustre.

Pearl lustre is the measurement of the quality and quantity of light that reflects from the surface and just under the surface of a pearl…essentially the reflective quality or brilliance of the surface of the pearl nacre. The more lustrous the pearl, the more it shines and reflects light and images.

As you go through the processes of life, you will become Lustrous –

‘A String of Pearls’ is the place to share your journey.

The journey is not just yours, it is ours as well. We are ever-growing ever-becoming…

At this stage the most obvious change is what you can see. How do you like our fresh new look?

What’s to come?

  • A lot of fine tuning regarding appearances
  • A new Special Focus series – perhaps 2 if things pan out.
  • Reinstating the lovely Edwardian Script Name font.
  • Sidebar sponsorships etc
  • A key project is the work towards the store launch which will be the Exclusive Outlet for Toktokkie® Products.This innovative Australian based crafter is already busy creating fabulous things. More info soon.

So, ladies what do you think?

Something that has not, and will not change is our desire to have you be a GUEST CONTRIBUTOR 

contact me via or @JaneofAustralia

Also we have a few openings for our PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE MONTH focus during this year.

No need to be a professional, though we will not rule you out just because you might be; just a love of the camera and a desire to share what you see with women around the world.

By the way. my new year is starting on 11th January. I missed the other one due to illness so I made an executive decision.

See you then….