Of course, I didn’t just find  Feedburner, however I have recently discovered some new aspects to this amazing service. A simple options that solved my problem.

As an online Ezine publisher I have had 2 Email problems: 1. No Images showing and 2. Long Email delivery delays

Therefore as a test, I subscribed to this site and observed the notifications arriving in my Gmail inbox.

Sometime back I noticed images do not show up in the email produced by Feedburner.

[For the 1st time I also noticed how rarely I would click on a link in a blog email to go view the images,

even when I knew they were there…but that’s another article]

The next aspect I noticed was the extreme delay between Publication occurring here on ‘A String of Pearls’, and the email being generated.  I observed this for sometime.  Then I decided it was not good enough. Rolling up my sleeves, grabbing my hunters helmet I set out to solve this problem.

I logged into the dashboard of ‘A String of Pearls’, and checked all the Settings, General and so forth.

Nothing was amiss in any of those panels.

Then my mind turned to Feedburner.  I asked Google for some assistance and came across a range of suggestions.

To cut a long story short, if you want as brief a time as possible between Publication, and Subscription emails being delivered to your subscribers, you will need to log into Feedburner.

(* If you are already logged into Gmail or G+ you are already logged into Feedburner, just open above link)

Now go to go to Publicize>Email Subscriptions>Delivery Options.


then this

then this

The 1st thing to do is check is your local time. Mine had defaulted to Ohio, or was it Nebraska? Either way it was not Brisbane. Next was the opportunity to select what time I wanted the subscriber emails to be produced.

This required me to consider exactly what time would be an optimum time for me to Publish  Guests Articles here on ‘A String of Pearls’. I needed to consider that we are a worldwide Ezine. In the end I settled on a time that I felt was best for our worldwide audience. I then selected the 2 hour window immediately following the now decided Publication time.

I remained sceptical, however the next day’s scheduled article published according to the pre-set schedule and the email arrived a mere 50 minutes later. This was 11 hours and 10 minutes earlier than before I altered the Feedburner settings.

I have been pleased with this improvement. Satisfied with having hunted out the solution and learned a little more. For now I have hung up my hunter’s helmet,though it never gathers dust.

* I have noticed that the delay between Publication and Subscriber’s emails going out is even briefer now.

Has this helped you? Do you have other Feedburner tips n tricks?