Now that it is late 2011 it seems pretty safe to go buy Word 2010. There are some real advantages to making this purchase.

I recently caught a request from one Twitter user to another, asking for assistance to convert a word document to a PDF.

Indeed it was not so long ago that I was doing the very same thing.

In Word 2010 there is the option to save your work as a PDF.  You no longer have to phone a friend,

or Tweet one…

Also you no longer need a patch or add-on to do so. (Word 2007 required this)

Simply go to FILE (top left blue tab top left of your open word doc)

Select Save As and the Option will be listed in the drop down box. See below.

*Remember once you have save your work as a PDF it cannot be changed back to Word. Therefor you MUST save your work as a Word .doc first.

Next let’s check out


This is a helpful part of your Ribbon that in not set as a basic default.


You will need to add it. Here is how:

Click File top left.  Then Help, Options.

Now Click Customize Ribbon.

Select Options, then Customize Ribbon…

 Select Developer over on the right. And OK.

When you return to your original Word Document you will now see Developer on the Ribbon

Click on Developer and check out all the interesting options there.

One of the most useful things in Developer is the ability to do this

Adding a check box to documents, family charts etc can be really helpful.

Try the various icons and use the HELP BUTTON to ask for instructions. Topt right of Word. As it is in all M/S Office Products.

 Happy Creating…

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