Being an industrial photographer I spend much of my working life in remote locations getting dust in places even a good shower doesn’t get rid of.  When I come home I swap the steel capped boots for a skirt, tame the wild caterpillars that have become my eyebrows, and find a place to recharge.

 For me, that place is the State Library of Queensland.  If ever there was a building that lived and breathed, this is it.  I never grow tired of shooting this place

The palette in this building is remarkable, particularly in those 15 minutes after sunset when the sky is rich blue.  The walls washed with gentle green reinvigorate my thinking, while the constant airflow seems to fill my lungs without me having to inhale. 

This is my idea of a sanctuary from madness.

©All Text and Images 2011 Jen Dainer Industrial Arc Photography

Jen Dainer is an Industrial Photographer, meaning she spends most of her time trying to make hot, dusty, dirty places look beautiful.  If you scratch the surface you’ll also find a forensic scientist, fire investigator and accident investigator.  She’s seen things no adult human should have to (like the Wiggles in concert) and as a result is pretty calm. Even if her hair resembles the Paddle Pop Lion.  Which it often does. 

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