Miss Lauren Bacall, Betty to her friends, and also for a time Mrs Humphrey Bogart.  Watch Lauren sizzle in ‘To Have and Have Not’

During screen tests for this 1944 film  Bacall was nervous. To minimize her quivering, she pressed her chin against her chest and to face the camera, tilted her eyes upward. This effect became known as “The Look”, Bacall’s trademark.

 Reportedly she and Humphrey Bogart  fell in love fell in love during production. Director Howard Hawks said afterward said that it was actually Bacall’s character Marie that Bogart had fallen for, “so she had to keep playing it the rest of her life.” Look at these photos of a truly beautiful woman.

Our week is below.

Did you see Julia Gillard announcing the mining tax is now law, here in Australia.

hopefully pearls from Broome. Rather stunning though.

The things we have done and learned. 

Returned from a busy two days in London, straight back into working night-shift. For the week ahead I have a bloggers meeting in Leeds at a very nice spa, learning about how we can better support each other during hard times. I am continuing to prepare for my run for Tommy’s the Baby Charity, but finding the time is proving more difficult. And, I am putting my new-found knitting skills to good use, making blankets for a local charity for poorly babies. I attended the Tommy’s Gala event.  I nominated my GP and he won. See the Hero Award listings under the gallery images. WINNERS: DR GORDON MACKINNON

I learned that I almost hate Feedburner and that that state only impacted upon me. It remained unmoved, uncooperative and generally prone to being unhelpful. I wrote about it in  ‘3 Reasons why you love to hate Feedburner which changed nothing. I had a major fail with MailChimp, I caused it, and also a weird non event with an email to all our lovely subscribers, who have been so patient through this. Thank you so much for that and for the cheering from the sidelines. By Thursday I decided this was doing more harm than good. A good lesson to learn.  I turned off my computer and walked away. Have you ever done that?

I had a great day cleaning room, not just a tidy but a serious clean of skirting boards etc and rearranged the furniture. I now sleep west-east which is much better for me. Yes it does make a difference for me…more about that in another article.  Then I climbed onto the bed and read a book.  An actual paper and ink book. Later I introduced myself to Hidden Treasure style games on Big Fish  which I seem to love.

This morning, Friday down here, I was up at 5:30 and online for a fantastic Webinar with Jon Morrow  which has changed me, and seriously altered my attitude for the better, of course. I learned some great things, for here, and for now and for the future and for me personally.

Lastly Tammy from A Journey to Sustainability has contacted me. They are planting and implementing plans, it is still tough but they are progressing. They turned on some music today for the 1st time since Jay’s death.

What have you learned this week?