I am in the light, at the end of the tunnel. Back online, at the correct URL and functioning. Welcome back  – i missed you all. The other day I posted the oft quoted saying

In the end everything will be OK. If it’s not ok we are not at the end.

Has the Feedburner issue been resolved? In a few hours we will know. If it has, then we are at the end. Fingers crossed

What I do know is that I was bought to my knees by by that problem, and an understanding Danny from Firepole Marketing   suggested I contact another Danny for assistance. Which assistance I now have, more about that later.

Frankly 2 Danny’s is one Danny too many, especially when closely aligned (if only in my head) and I have begun to refer to my second Danny as ‘My man in London’. Yes, it sounds rather colonial but it has a certain charm about it, and now it has stuck.

I have much to do, so it’s over to Feedburner. Go forth and inform! *It worked, the emails went out.

Again, Welcome back….(I’m hearing the theme from those reruns of Welcome back Kotter, starring a very young but fast evolving star, the one and only John Travolta)

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