Today we complete the journey so far. The story of Tammy’s life. We find her Living the Dream….Tammy part 3

‘This is where I am unsure if this started off as my dream or mine and my husband’s dream. I know he loved the idea of supporting ourselves and not being tied to someone else’s whim as you are when you work a “real” job. I think the idea grew on him as time went on. It grew on him because it was what I wanted so it became his dream as well.

We managed to purchase an ancient trailer and rent a lot that is just over one half-acre. This is where the children and I currently reside. This is where we are building our homestead,  Squirrel Point Farm.

Where the kids are building their dreams and where I see our dream coming true. It’s funny how things seem to come full circle right back to where you began. I started life as a farmer and this is how I will end my life as part of the land.

It is ironic that my husband’s passing occurred just as spring began. No matter which holidays you celebrate in the spring they all symbolize rebirth, renewal and joy. It is hard to find joy when a large part of you has been removed however, watching the children as they help build and plant our gardens brings some of that joy back. Listening to them chatter about how this raised bed was built by daddy or putting a new one together the way he showed them. I realized he really isn’t far away. He is still very much apart of our new life.

one of our last sunrises…

As the seeds sprout and started plants take root in our raised garden beds, I find myself looking into the future with a smile. Digging in the dirt, sowing seeds, planting plants, watering, fertilizing it is all part of the circle of life, so I am realizing once again. When I watch new plants push their way to the surface I feel as if I am apart of life instead of just being a casual observer. This is where I find I can connect with my husband again, continuing on with our dream’.

Light, Love and Peace!


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